Thursday, August 25, 2011

Australian Recap 5 - Sydney Aquarium and CBD

Before we went to Australia, Bernard and I wrote this massive list of things that we wanted to do back in Australia. Of course we left it at home, and in actual fact we didn't feel like spending every day in Australia out "doing stuff", but one of the things we really wanted to do was to go to the city and go to Sydney Aquarium

Bernard and I have a photo in this same spot from when we were dating so I wanted to get a shot with the kids. 

Lana really LOVED the aquarium - she could have spent all day there. Maddy on the other hand slept through the whole thing. Good thing she was free ;)

The aquarium was filled with these huge Lego statues, all kinds of things - they were almost more fascinating than some of the fish were!

After a few hours in the aquarium, it was time to catch a ferry back to the CBD. I love the ferries in Sydney, such a great view of the harbour! And what a beautiful harbour it is! Unfortunately, we were there on a really cold, overcast and windy day - but even though we were near freezing, we HAD to sit outside!!

When we landed, we had a bit of a walk around the harbour and took a few more photos...

...and then after some yummy pancakes from the famous Pancakes on the Rocks (open 24hrs, 7 days a week), we went home, very tired after a long day in the city :)

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