Monday, September 5, 2011


Just a quick one - check out Miss Maddy's latest new skill!!

She can now stand unaided for a few seconds, and it's getting longer and longer every day :) Maddy continues to amaze me - with all her medical issues, she actually is not technically "delayed" at all!

Go Maddy!!


  1. Well done Maddy!

    By the way, my little girl had her first clarinet lesson today with your old clarinet! Nicely fixed up and the teacher telling her that it's ok if she squeaks!

  2. I just love listening to Lana's accent =)

    (I know, she doesn't have an accent, we do!)

    -Amy Smallwood

  3. How awesome is this!! :) I love the curly little swirl at the back of her head.

  4. How exciting! Our twon little ones must be around the same age. Lola too is just starting to stand with her wedges AFO's :)