Monday, December 2, 2013

Briella - 6 days old

The past couple of days, I've been really missing Briella at home and wishing that the girls could meet her. Today, I planned to ask the doctors bluntly what their plans for her would be rather than guessing and hoping and trying-not-to-get-my-hopes-up-too-much. 

I was happy to see today that Briella not only was off the oxygen tube (that happened yesterday), but they have also removed the IV! So currently she is not hooked up to anything apart from the monitors! Good job, Briella! 

I asked the nurse what the plan for her is, and basically, as I'd only dared to hope, they are going to start oral feedings and once she can take her entire feed by mouth, she will be able to come home! This morning, the occupational therapist started training and fed her 1mL by syringe. I asked if the nurses can continue to feed her orally at every feed, and if we could use the Haberman teat to feed her. The nurses were fine with that, so this afternoon, I brought it in and we tried it out - she took about 15-20mL by mouth! She needs to be able to finish around 60mL. 

I'm hoping that if she practices at every feed, she will be able to achieve this goal quickly so she can come home. The end is already in sight :) It could be a week, it could be more, but I'm pretty sure that she should be home for Christmas :) 


  1. AAAAAAA! I'm almost crying! She's so stinkin cute! :) It's wonderful to see her unhooked. She's going to be just great. Ian got to come home Christmas Eve...I'm hoping for all of you that she gets to come home before that but what a lovely gift she is no matter what. So happy for your family <3

  2. Good girl Briella!!! I'm so happy for you guys. This is wonderful news! She is so beautiful. Her sisters are going to eat her up! Way to be proactive! Well done.

  3. oh, Nicole! I am so happy for you, congratulations! (And Briella is a beautiful name!)

  4. congratulations!!! She is absolutely beautiful. I am so happy she is doing so well.