Sunday, August 21, 2011

Australian Recap 4 - Sydney, Great Nan and the "Beach Park"

After about a week in the Illawarra with my family, it was time to head up to Sydney to spend some time with Bernard's mum.

After a few days at Bernard's mum's house (in which time we took no photos, except for a few of the girls playing together on the floor), we went up the coast a bit further to visit my grandmother, whom all the kids call "Great Nan" (and she is indeed a great Nan :) ) 

This was the first time for Nan to meet little miss Maddy, and since Nan loves a good family photo to hang on her wall (yes Nan, I remember I promised to send you a photo of us - I must get onto that! Sorry!!), she had us all pose on her little veranda. 

Lana took a liking to Nan's dog Cindy...

...and apparently, Cindy took a liking to Lana too :)

We only had one day with Nan at this point of our trip, later in the trip she came down and stayed with my parents for a few days so we got to see more of her then :)


When we were in Sydney, we were driving to church one Sunday and I noticed this fabulous park on the way there. So on the way home, we got some drive through (KFC is SO much better in Australia than it is in Hong Kong!) and went and had our own little picnic. 

The play area was covered with sand and the kids all played barefoot in it. I believe it was Maddy's first time ever in the sand. She seemed to really like it :)

Lana was not so sure at first, but she came around :)

(Gotta love that beautiful blue sky! That's something we don't get much of here in Hong Kong!!)

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