Monday, August 1, 2011

Australian Recap 1 - The Plane, and Grass

I never posted hardly ANYTHING about our trip to Australia, besides a few specific events. We have tons of photos that I never shared so I thought I'd do a few little "recap" posts to share them all with you. I can't believe that it was nearly four months ago that we left to go back! And I rarely posted on my blog when we were there (I did 2 posts the entire nearly 6 weeks!). We were having too much fun to blog about it ;)

Anyway - as you all know, Maddy was absolutely fine on the plane. Lana was temperamental, I chucked up, but Maddy was completely fine ;) I think it must have been because she had the most comfortable seat in Economy Class! She could even lay down. And I have to say, this is a situation where dwarfism is a benefit - Maddy will be able to fit into these beds for a LONG time still. Lana outgrew them by the time she was about 10 months old ;)

When we arrived in Australia, we first had a couple of quiet days with my family. My mum had met Maddy once at the hospital when Maddy was only a week old, but had never held her. My dad and my sister had not met her at all before the trip. (My brother who lives in Denmark STILL has not met Maddy - he was last in Hong Kong when I was pregnant with her. He was actually stranded here for an extra two weeks due to that volcano, remember? - but we will see him at the end of next month - woohooo!)

On our 2nd day in Australia, we decided to take the girls down to a lovely, grassy park at the harbour - something SO different to what we do in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is concrete everywhere and we don't get much grass-time. 

We sat on this lovely blue mat that my parents scored for free and we had fish and chips (the first of many, I'm afraid!).

Then we decided to introduce Maddy to grass for the first time.

Not so bad...

Um, I think I'm changing my mind about it...

GET.... ME..... OFF!!!!

After that traumatic encounter, it was time for some cuddles with Nanny and Aunty Ash

Then Lana had a bit of a play in the park while Maddy had a bit of a snooze, and we were off - one of our first cultural experiences in Australia checked off our list :)

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  1. pop over to SG the next time you need some grass - our lawn has plenty of it! Took the clarinet for repairs yesterday, will be ready next week!