Monday, August 15, 2011

Australian Recap 3 - Symbio

In between Sydney and Wollongong in a sleepy town called Helensburg is a little wildlife park called Symbio. It has been there for years and years - when I was a kid, my parents took me many many times. I got to touch some of the animals, and even milk a cow! It's not a huge zoo, but it's great for little kids, if you want a more "cozy" and "intimate" zoo, or if you just have a few hours rather than a whole day.

What would a trip to an Australian zoo be without an obligatory Koala photo? Unfortunately we JUST missed the time for patting them so we had to let them rest and look at them from behind a fence. Oh well, there's always next time :)

Maddy needed a little feed...

...while Lana was off for a walk with Nanny and Granddad.
Almost ALL Australian zoos will have a kangaroo walk-through area where you can feed them and pat them. This little mother had a baby in her pouch and was the focus of all our attention :) Lana LOVED the kangaroos. Maddy didn't really care either way ;)

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