Monday, August 8, 2011

Australian Recap 2 - Kiama and Sunset

I have to say that beautiful Kiama on the South Coast of NSW is one of my favourite places to visit when I'm in Australia. Cute little cafes (with REAL Aussie iced chocolates. The kind with lots of icecream, chocolate syrup and fresh cream on the top!), little specialty stores selling souvenirs, toys and all kinds of arts and crafts, some pretty awesome icecream, a great park with lots of grass for the little ones, and who can forget that stunning coastline and blowhole? We went down to Kiama with my dad one afternoon and we had a great time (ANY time involving iced chocolates is a great time for me, and my trip back to Australia involved MANY of them ;) )

We started, naturally, at a nice little cafe...

 Sitting on the table since another baby was taking the cafe's only highchair! (shock, horror)

 Want some sugar, Mum?

Hmmm, I think I LIKE this stuff ;)

Then after our tummies were full of yummy goodness, we went for a short little walk to burn off some of those calories.

 Stopping to read all the signs

Cozy warm :)

Later that evening, we were at my parents' place about to have dinner and God decided to put on a show for us. One of my absolute favourite things about my parents' place is the view - it's a gorgeous view across a lake, with mountains off in the distance. And when the sun sets... WOW! 

Of course we HAD to get some pics with that view...

 Daddy and his girls

Nanny and the girls

What more can I say? Beautiful... Wish we had more of THAT in Hong Kong...


  1. Beautiful pictures!

    Kisses from Brazilian's friends.
    Andréia,Cassiano and Guilherme.