Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Maddy!!

To my darling girl,

Wow, one year already. When your big sister was born, I always said that there was nothing that changed my life more than having children. Becoming a mother is so much life-changing than going to university, than working, than getting married, than moving away from home, even than moving to a foreign country. I thought that becoming a mother for the second time would be a relatively small change, but boy was I wrong about that! You have changed our lives so much more than I ever imagined, just by being you. You have brought us so much joy, so much strength. You have brought so much growth in our lives. You have brought so many wonderful people into our lives that we would never have met if it weren't for you. You are touching so many people's lives. I am so thankful that God brought you into our family.

My pregnancy with you seemed like the longest pregnancy in the world - it was quite an epic journey for us, that pregnancy. And you were so cozy inside of me and didn't want to come out and meet the world. We were so ready for you to be here, ready to know that everything was going to be ok.

I remember so clearly when you were born. I was praying that you would let out a big yell and I would know that you were ok, but you didn't. You were so quiet. I was worried about at first, afraid that we were about to get bad news.

But then you whimpered a little. You still have one of the softest cries that I've ever heard - although you do know how to raise your voice if you really want to make a point. The doctors brought you over to me and told me that your APGAR scores were 9 and 10 - even better than your sisters. I knew then that everything was going to be ok.

I was itching to get up to the NICU and see you, but I had to finish an IV drip first. The nurse put the flow up too fast and I noticed that it was emptying about twice as quickly as they said it would - but I didn't tell them because I knew that meant I could go and see you sooner.

When I finally went to see you in the NICU, you looked so small in there - but oh so sweet! My arms were longing to pick you up and cuddle you, but it would be nearly two more weeks before I was allowed to do so. 

Even from very young, you were so alert and watched everything. You still do. You have intelligent eyes and even at birth, it was as though you understood every word that I was saying to you. 

It's crazy that in the last year, you have grown from this little baby:

into this cheeky little girl:

In the past year, you have had your hurdles to overcome, and you have soared over them all. I hope and pray that you will continue to do so as you grow. 

I love you baby girl!! 


PS - I love your slimy baby kisses that you just started giving me in the early hours of the morning on your first birthday...


  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet baby!

  2. Beautiful post.
    Maddy kissing you is so sweet:)

    Happy happy birthday Maddy!

  3. Oh Nicole! Praise God for a year with your two beautiful girls!! :) Thanks for keeping your blog up.

  4. Happy birthday Maddy! You are such a beautiful little girl!

  5. So beautiful!!!!!
    God bless you!!!
    Happy Birthday Maddy!!!

  6. Happy birthday to your sweet baby girl!

    I love the video clip of you both kissing! I really do see your love for her and how it will carry her through many challenges and struggles she might be facing.

    Thank you for showing me what a mother does: loving unconditionally...


  7. the sweet kisses video made me smile and cry. what a beautiful blessing that little girl is. i'm sure you could spend hours getting those kisses.

    what a year to celebrate! thank you for sharing her life with us. she is not only a blessing to you but to all of us. i know i love watching her and thinking of my daughter.

    hope you are doing well!! -tristen

  8. how gorgeous are those kisses!!! words are not enough to describe how much love is there.
    Happy birthday Maddy!

  9. Happy birthday Maddy!

    Beautiful words Nicole. It's wonderful to follow this blog and to know your beautiful family!

    Andréia, Cassiano and Guilherme