Here's a list of some sites that I've found useful in my pregnancy journey:

Poor Prenatal Diagnosis help:
Be Not Afraid - a site dedicated to parents who have experienced a poor prenatal diagnosis and have decided to carry to term. It has many stories of hope and also of the pain of loss as well. It divides the stories into different diagnoses so it's easy to find other situations similar to yours. There is also a companion blog.

Dwarfism help:
Knoah's ARC - a site/blog written by a mother who has a son with Achondroplasia, the most common form of non-lethal skeletal dysplasia. Tonya has collected so many resources for both pregnancies diagnosed with skeletal dysplasia, and also for parents of living children with skeletal dysplasias and put them together here. She also has a blog roll divided into different diagnoses and I have found many new friends from her links.
POLP2 Yahoo group - a group primarily for parents of little people. It is a closed group and if you want to become a member, you need to contact the admin and explain why you want to be a member. Some members are also grandparents of little people, or friends of little people. Also there are a few members who are pregnant with babies diagnosed with Skeletal Dysplasia. This group has been so helpful in answering many questions that I have had in this pregnancy since they've all been through similar pregnancies to me.

Diastrophic Dysplasia help:
Diastropic Help - a website set up to help parents of children with DD. Although the medicine is not comprehensive, it has a lot of practical help for parents of children with DD as well as things that will help other people not affected by DD to understand the condition. There are lots of photos as well. This is probably the easiest to understand info about DD that I've found online.

Nemours DD explanation - Nemours is a group of hospitals in the US that treat conditions such as DD. The explanation on their website is the easiest to understand medical definition of DD. I like how it includes all the technical words, but they all are linked to the dictionary so you don't need to be a doctor to understand what it's talking about.

eMedicine DD explanation - This site has quite complicated information about DD that you may need a medical dictionary or some medical knowledge to understand. It does include some photos and xrays of people with the condition though so even if you don't read every word of the article, the pictures can be helpful.

GeneReviews DD explanation - This site has the most complicated but comprehensive medical information that I've found about DD. Aimed at informing doctors and researchers about genetic diseases, this site is not for the casual browser ;) But if you want to know all that you can about DD, this is a must-read.

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