Saturday, August 6, 2011

Growing up

These days, Maddy seems to be growing up more and more every day. She's getting stronger, more active, her fine motor skills are getting better...

Some of her latest things to do are:

1. scooting ALL over the house! She will follow us into every room. She especially likes to go around closing all the doors. Could it be a coincidence that Lana also likes to close all the doors? That brings us to:

2. copying ANYTHING that Lana is doing. Big sister is dancing? Maddy wants to dance too. Big sister is clapping? Maddy will clap. Big sister is reading books? She wants to get right in on the action.

3. standing up on anything and everything. Just now, she stood up against a wall! She loves to be standing and it's so cute to watch her stand! 

4. cruising a little. She can only really do this if the height is just right - but I know that it's only a matter of probably a couple of weeks before she gets even better at it! 

5. giving. She will actually share her things with me now, actively giving me a toy, or trying to shove her biscuit into my mouth.

6. nodding/shaking head/waving "hi" and "bye"/signing "more". Maddy has been doing many of these things for months now, but it is more and more obvious that she understands what we are saying or what is going on and responds with the appropriate "sign". If I am getting my bag and shoes, she will start waving to me, completely unprompted. If we are talking and one of us says "no", she will shake her head. She loves to listen and be involved in our conversations. Even though she is not saying any clear words yet, she definitely understands what is going on :)

I'm sure there is many more that I can't think of right now, but I just wanted to share those new things with you all :)


  1. Happy belated birthday Maddie! And what a day, US president Obama was born on the same day so you can also achieve more than anybody imagines!!!! Have a happy and healthy life full of love, light and wonderful people around! From your little friend Amelia and big momma Kasia :-)

  2. Adina - I posted a video of her cruising on her birthday post - :)

    And Kasia, I didn't realise that :) Yes, the sky is the limit. Although I don't think she can ever be the US president, given that she wasn't born in the US. Although she could be a governor I guess ;)