Sunday, March 28, 2010

We found a place!!

After a couple of weeks of looking for places, we've finally found a place that suits our budget and needs. It's not "perfect" but I think that given the circumstances, it's definitely the best that we've seen  that is in our budget (and I've spent many days looking - dragging poor Lana around with me!)

Our new place is in the same estate as the one that we currently live in so we don't need to move far. We've just gotta move to the next building. The new place has an extra bathroom, an extra bedroom and a storage room as well. The whole place has been renovated so it's a lot more new feeling than our current place. They've turned the kitchen into an open kitchen which really makes the kitchen/living/dining room look a lot bigger, even though it's about the same size as our current area. Ideally we would have liked another room for our helper as well, but the baby can share a room with us for a while, and when she gets a bit bigger, we can put the two girls in a room together. Our helper can get the 3rd bedroom and if need to, we can use some of space for extra storage as well. Many people here have the helper sharing a room with the baby or a young child but personally I don't really like that idea.

We will be able to move in around April 15 or so, so we're going to spend the next couple of weeks going through our stuff, boxing it, chucking some other stuff, fun fun! At least we don't have far to move it, it literally takes 2 minutes door to door. 

The processing of our helper has begun as well - it should take around 5-6 weeks to process and so she should be here shortly after we move. I'm really looking forward to having an extra pair of hands around. 

I really feel now like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. We just have to get through the moving process and then we can just focus on the baby and this pregnancy.

Nothing much new has been happening on the baby-front. She's growing, kicking more - we can feel her now from the outside of my tummy. It's nice to know that she's getting bigger and stronger - hopefully we'll be able to see that on the next ultrasound as well. 

I have a check up on Tuesday, but it's really just a check up for me so I'm not likely to find out any more information or anything. Then it's just until 2 weeks until our next scan. That's when we'll be able to find out a bit more about how the baby's growing.

In addition to moving, my brother will be visiting us from Copenhagen for two weeks over Easter. It'll be so good to see him again, we haven't seen him since last May when Lana was only 7 months old - so I'm sure he'll notice a huge change in her! And we'll also have Bernard's old youth pastor from the Philly visiting us with his wife for 5 days at the same time. It'll be fun to have them all here, but crowded in our small place! Don't be surprised if I'm not blogging as much, but I'll get on to post about my doctors visits at least.


  1. Duh. I guess I should've read your previous entry before asking. I see now that it's a common thing in Hong Kong.

  2. Is it common to have a helper in Hong Kong? You may have said before, but I can't remember.

  3. YAY! you found it! glad that your lil one inside is moving and kicking. my bub wasn't that active inside so i always had this lil worry.....but i found out that he just loves sleeping like me! ha ha. happy moving and have a great easter.