Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lana Joy

Most of this blog so far, I've been talking about my pregnancy and the issues that we've been facing, but I wanted to take some time out and focus on my first born daughter who is one of the biggest blessings in my life.

My little 16 month old munchkin has to be one of the cutest and smartest little girls that I know, and of course I'm not being biased ;) I love this age - she's learning so much so fast and is really starting to develop into a cheeky little monkey.

Tonight as we were putting her to bed, she decided to give Bernard and I a little "puppet show" on the rail of her crib (copying something that Bernard has done with her a few times before). She also jumped for the first time (mattresses were just made for jumping on, obviously!!).

This morning at church, she made my friend's day by yelling out "GABBY, GABBY!!!" from the back of the church when Gabby was making the announcements at the end of service. 

Yesterday when we were out for dinner, she cracked me up by sneezing a mouthful of rice all over the poor waitress who was entertaining her while we were eating (I couldn't stop laughing every time I looked at her and noticed the one grain of rice on her chin that she missed when wiping herself down - poor girl!!)

It took a while for us to conceive the first time around, I was so worried that we may never be able to have children. We had just started going for tests to see if everything was working the way it should, and at long last we got that big fat positive! Being a first timer, I was so scared of miscarriage and of everything else pregnancy related. I read all the "your pregnancy this week" books and websites that I could find - and was so relieved when our little girl was born. 

Lana has been such a joy for us - "contented" is a word that everyone used to describe her. She ate well, slept mostly well, she's never really been sick, she's achieved all her milestones early.

I love how she's now developing into her own little person with her own quirky personality. Her favourite word at the moment is "Ding dong!!" (thanks Nanny for that one!), her favourite food is berries of any kind, and she loves toes. Don't ask me why, but they fascinate her. Also shoes. She puts our shoes on and wears them around the house now.

It melts my heart when she gets excited when she sees her mummy, or when she tells me "Besshhu" when I sneeze, or when she repeats "Wahjew" when I tell her I love her.

There's so much I could say about my little angel but I've just been spending some time thinking about her lately. The first week or two after I got the news about this coming bub, I was so focused on that - but the past week I've really been just enjoying my daughter and appreciating her.

I'm so glad that God has put her in our lives, and especially at a time like this - when we're feeling down, she'll do something goofy and make us smile. When I'm scared about this pregnancy, I hold my daughter and somehow it makes it feel better. I am so blessed because of my daughter.


  1. Way to go, focusing on the positive and it's obvious that Lana is a big positive in your guys' lives. Cool.

  2. Sounds as if she is living up to the joy part of her name. Being a mom/mum is such a huge blessing!! I am glad for you that she is a gentle daily reminder. This is a beautifully written piece, Nicole.

  3. She is so sweet. She looks very squeezable. :-)

  4. This is a beautiful entry, Nicole. I'm sure she would love to read it someday.