Friday, March 12, 2010

20 week scan

Today I had my 20 week scan. I've got kind of mixed feelings about how things went there...

The good news is that the baby is growing, the head and trunk are still measuring normal, there is nothing right now that says that the baby will definitely not be able to live. The limbs are still measuring short but they have grown since the last scan (although they are now measuring at 15 weeks, but 3 weeks ago they were measuring at 14 weeks). 

There's no real "bad news" per say, but it was quite frustrating, I came armed with my questions and the doctor (understandably, I guess) was quite vague in terms of the responses. It was still just "wait and see" and "when the baby is born..." etc. I outright asked her what she thought the baby's chances of survival were but she wouldn't answer. I understand that she can't say for sure "this baby will live" or "this baby will not live" - but I don't understand why she can't say "from the way things look now, I would guess that the baby has an good/fair/poor chance of survival, but things can change either way so we need to keep monitoring it closely". She did more talking about me and how it's normal if I'm feeling depressed and asking how am I coping emotionally than she did talking about the baby. Also I didn't get to keep any of the pics of the baby this time which was kind of disappointing. I didn't specifically ask though, I probably should have... We did get to see the baby's face again on the 3D scan and I think she looks a lot like Lana... 

I have another appointment with a different doctor on Monday, I'm currently seeing both a doctor in the public system and one in the private system as well. I figured I'd keep going to the two of them and that way I'll have two opinions. But if it's two closed-mouth opinions, I don't know if there's much good in that...


  1. Everything sounds positive at the moment.

    Charlotte also has 'normal' growth for head and torso but her limbs were 3-4 weeks shorter than they should be. Her legs were short in comparison to the rest of her body up until she turned 2.

    As you saw the other week she has completely caught up now and I hope it is a similar scenario with your little angel.

    Keep positive and I will keep praying.

  2. I'm sorry they werent more forthcoming with you, I imagine you are desperate to hear what her chances are, I know I would be! Thinking of you and your little one.

  3. Feel so glad about the updates of the baby, do see it's going well for her & seems great chance to live! Don't be much affected by that doctor, attitude / very few responses from her doesn't affect the health of baby - it's the most important thing we truly care about~! :)

  4. I remember those "wait and see" moments with our little Ashley, it can be so hard. Our daughter Ashley just turned 3, she has Achondroplasia. The doctors had pretty much narrowed it down for us bu about 34-36 weeks. They said most likely Acondroplasia or Osteogenesis imperfecta.Turned out to be Achon. They could tell by how her bones were growing and her growth curve on the charts.

    The fast that our little one has normal head and trunk is common for achondroplasia, usually everything is about the same except the length of the limbs fall below the 5th percentile. Seeing your post reminds me that I should post Ashley's in-utero stats for other mom's to compare.

    The good thing is that no matter what type of dysplasia she has, she'll be absolutely Perfect:o)