Thursday, March 18, 2010

Please pray for Carys

Right around the time that I found out that we had problems with this pregnancy, I also heard that a friend I had made here in Hong Kong, Donna, was going through her own struggle. I met this friend through Lana. Her daughter Carys is a few months younger than Lana (I think she's around 14 months old now). At Carys' one year check up in January, Donna asked the doctor about a small lump in her abdomen, she though it was perhaps just a bowel blockage. After some tests, they found out out it was stage 3 neuroblastoma - cancer. Faced with this news, Donna and her family have relocated back to Melbourne to have treatment there. Carys is now on her 2nd round of chemotherapy. Donna's started a blog here where she is sharing Carys' struggle through this. Please pray for Carys, that the treatment will be successful and that she will have a full recovery. And please pray for the Donna and Ian, and also their older son Tane, that they will all have the strength to go through this horrible time.


  1. This is so sad...I will keep them in my prayers.

  2. this is really sad.. I hope little Carys can stay strong and get through this.