Sunday, August 1, 2010

I blame Bernard ;)

When we first found out I was expecting again, at our first Doctor's visit, he said the baby would be due in the last week of July or the first week of August. He said that the most accurate time to predict the due date was at the 12 week scan though. At our 12 week scan, the "accurate due date" was given as July 28. For some reason though, whenever someone asked Bernard when the baby was due, he would say "early August". I corrected him over and over because I was "sure" that the baby would be born in July. After all, Lana's due date was also the 28th (but of October), and she was born on the 24th. Even if this one was a whole week later than that, it would still be born in July, not August. Because surely you're "similar-ish" from one pregnancy to the next right?

I was so wrong though. It's now the first of August and the bub is still not here, she's now 4 days late. A couple of weeks ago, I was "sure" that she was coming any day now. My prediction was that she'd be here on the 20th - I really felt that she'd be earlier than what Lana was. Now if she doesn't come in the next few days, I'll likely end up being induced!! 

It's funny though, a couple of weeks ago, I was really anxious for her to be here. I was expecting it at any moment. And now that I'm overdue, I'm actually less anxious and impatient. I'm glad that she decided to wait - last week we were all so sick, now we're all doing much better. But it feels like the birth is getting further and further away instead of closer and closer. I know that it will almost definitely happen some time this week though. If not naturally, then I think they'll want to induce this week. I'm hoping and praying that it will happen naturally though!

So a note for all the ladies: mother's intuition isn't all it's cracked up to be ;) At least for me in this area anyway. I expected to go late with Lana and I was wrong. I thought that this baby was a boy and I was wrong about that too. And I was sure that this one would be around a week early and I was wrong there too. Maybe there's something to be said for father's intuition - because Bernard's been far more correct than I have been! Or maybe he just jinxed me ;) Anyway, I blame him ;) ;)


  1. Oh geez! I think your "mother's intuition" will work much better once she's here! I was the same way before all my babes were born, predicting wrong sex, due date... She should be a nice healthy weight though for staying nice and comfy inside for the longest amount of time possible! So there's another upside! It was nice that she let you all recover from the sickies first too! We are still keeping you all in our prayers! Hugs!

  2. My son was 9 days early and my daughter was a week late. I had to be induced with her. The funny thing is, I went into early labor with her (about 2 months early) and they had to give me a shot to stop the labor. Then when it was time for her to come out, she didn't want to. lol I ended up getting an induction and then having a c-section. She was determined to stay in and has stuck by me ever since, my little shadow.

  3. goodness! I'm 37 weeks, and I can't even imagine coming LATE! Hang in there! We'll keep you in our prayers!

  4. I agree with you re mother's intuition. I thought I would be 2 weeks early but I was 6 days late. Baby came one day before she was supposed to be induced at Queen Mary Hospital.