Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Just thought I'd write a quick update, I'm currently at the hospital and will be induced tomorrow morning. I've already had the prostaglandin gel to prepare the cervix - there's a chance that in itself will get things moving. I'm already feeling a bit crampy and all that, so maybe - hopefully! If not, I'll have the pitocin in the morning and baby girl should be here by tomorrow night!! I'm so glad that we will finally be able to meet her.

Thank you all for all your prayers and support over the past 6 months or so. If you can please continue to pray tonight and tomorrow for the safe arrival of our daughter, for a smooth and uncomplicated labour and delivery, and that she will be healthy when she gets here, able to breath normally.

Looking forward to being able to update with news of her arrival!!


  1. How exciting that you will get to meet your babe face to face in less than 24 hours!! God luck!

  2. Good luck! I will keep you in my thoughts!