Friday, August 6, 2010

Maddy Pics!!

Here's our first picture of Maddy, one day old in the NICU.
She's a chubby baby - part of her condition means that she's got a lot of excess skin. I think it's cute ;) She'll grow into her skin with time ;)
Her bed is kept under this cling wrap. I haven't asked why yet! The nurses let us take it off her so we can touch her and hold her hand though.
There, now she's uncovered :)
The CPAP machine helps her airways to stay open so that she can breathe stronger. Maddy has a velcro headband that holds it in place. Stylish!! Looks like she's just been to the gym ;)
She doesn't really like the CPAP and wiggles around so it will come off.

Here's all her machines - she's already got a few computers especially for her!!
This is what Daddy sees when he's sitting down looking at his angel :)
The NICU ward
Maddy after she successfully wiggled out of the CPAP ;) I think she looks like Lana!!


  1. Oh Nicole! She is absolutely adorable ( what a chubber, I just want to bite her ^_^ ). I am so glad to hear Maddy finally arrived safely into this world. I hope she will continue to grow strong and healthy.
    Best Wishes to you, Bernard & Lana,
    Jules x

  2. She's a cutie Nicole! I just want to pinch her cheeks (gently). She looks to be strong and determined and those are very good traits. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  3. Aaaw what a darling, so cute and chubby! Congratulations! Thoughts and prayers with you that she continues to do well :)

  4. Nicole, what a cutie. So glad your grandmother sent me your web page. I'm keeping you all in my prayers.

    Kath Fauchon (friend of Emily Gates)

  5. She is soo beautiful. Congratulations on your little angel. I am praying for you and your family.

  6. Oh my gosh what a gorgeous little chubby baby! What a little angel, oh you must be so thrilled to have her here safely. I am so happy for your family that you have your little blessing here, she sounds like she is doing well, I pray for you all daily.

    Bless her heart what a gorgeous little thing she is!