Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sick, sick, sick

With my due date coming up tomorrow, sickness is the last thing that I want to worry about in our house. For one, I don't want anything to infect our newborn and for her to start her life with some virus. And for two, I don't want any of our sicknesses to separate us from her when she's in the hospital, particularly when she's in NICU.

On Friday, however, our whole family took a trip to the doctor. For Lana, it was just to have a vaccination (which she was amazingly good for, didn't cry at all - since she was promised a chocolate which she was staring at during the needle ;) ), I had been starting to come down with a cold, and Bernard had a weird kind of nerve pain in his leg. The doctor told us that I seemed mostly ok, and Bernard probably had some infection in his nerve - but we had to watch for a rash because it may be shingles.

The weekend was downhill for both of us - I started sneezing and coughing, and Bernard was feverish and had a bad headache which kept him in bed for a lot of the weekend. And on Sunday, he started developing a rash as well. 

I know that for colds such as mine, there's not much that a pregnant lady can take other than to relieve the symptoms - so I spent the weekend sucking on Strepsils and drinking lots of water. Fortunately for me, the cold seems to be pretty mild and I'm 99% better now with just a little bit of residual congestion.

Bernard on the other hand went back to the doctor on Monday and it was confirmed that he has shingles. He's now on antiviral medication and has some cream for the rash and pain medication for the headaches. Fortunately it's not very contagious and it also seems like he has quite a mild case. Also it's in his benefit that he got the antiviral drugs early and has been able to rest for the past four days - although he will probably go back to work tomorrow, even if it is just for a half day. 

Now I'm glad that the little girl hasn't come yet - and I'm kind of hoping that she'll give us another couple of days to recover a bit more. But only a couple of days - I'm hoping she'll be born before the weekend, if I have any say in the matter ;)


  1. ulgh, that is the worst, on top of everything else, who wants to worry about getting sick! I'm glad you're feeling better! We're so excited for you, can't wait to hear the news!

  2. Oh my goodness! That stinks! Hope everyone is feeling 100% when your little one arrives! We are so excited for you!!! Hugs and Love!!!

  3. hey nic,
    hope bernard gets better soon and that when your baby comes you'll all be able to be fully happy and well :)
    love to you all
    cinta :)

  4. good luck Nicole and hope you have a fantastic birth experience with your little one. i've been following your blog and i love the way you write -- and i wanted you to know i'll be thinking about you and your family. take good care.

  5. I am also with you praying for safe and healthy delivery and healthy baby! Can't wait to see the pictures of your little one. Wishing everybody to feel better ASAP!!!
    Love, Kasia