Wednesday, July 7, 2010


On Monday, the first of our pre/post-baby visitors arrived. My sister is here for 2 weeks while she's on school holidays. She's just started high school so it's harder for her to take time off during the school term, so instead of coming with my mum later on, she's coming first before the baby is born. Hopefully the baby doesn't decide to come while she's still here for two reasons - one, the bub will be bigger and hopefully more healthy if she comes a bit later, and two, we're going to dinner at Disneyland with some of Lana's friends and their families on the 18th and it'll be a lot easier if the baby's still inside rather than here already!! It reminds me of when I was pregnant with Lana, I planned to go to a Chris Tomlin concert when I was 38 weeks pregnant and once I passed that milestone, I was ready for her to be born any time after that. So my sister will leave on the 19th and my next prenatal appointment is on the 20th. I'm aiming to go into labour on the night of the 19th so I can get my sis to the airport fine, then I don't have to go to my prenatal appointment. That's the plan ;) If only it was that easy ;) 

After my sister leaves, I have a few days before my mum gets here. She arrives on the 23rd and will be here for just over 2 weeks, leaving on August 9th. If the baby isn't here before Mum gets here, she'll definitely be born by the time that Mum leaves. My due date is the 28th and here, they don't tend to want you to go more than a week overdue. Lana was born 4 days early though, and hopefully this one will be similarly early (but not TOO early). 

My mother in law will also come for a visit for two weeks in late August. The baby will be a few weeks old by then. 

When Lana was born, we decided to have both our mums and my sister all come at the same time for 2 weeks. I guess we'll see after this time which way works better! The benefit of having them here separately is that we get more one-on-one time with each of them. Another benefit is that we won't need to get a hotel room for them all - something which was very expensive last time around! (plus now with just moving, our budget is much more tight so it wouldn't have been a viable option anyway). But some of the cons mean that it may be harder/longer to be able to settle into our "normal routine" with having 6+ weeks of visitors over the next 2 months. But then again, what is routine in the first month of a baby's life anyway?

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  1. I am so looking forward to being there with you Nicole. I am glad that Ash can spend time with you and from reading your post I guess it means that Ash gets to go to Disneyland with you and Lana. It is all very exciting. I am trusting that it will all work out just fine. I know that 6 weeks of visitors could be a bit overwhelming but I am sure it will be a blessing to you all. At least I am praying that it will be. I can't wait to meet our precious grand daughter. This little girl has been prayed for by so many. I am sure God's light will shine through her. Love always Mum.