Thursday, August 29, 2013

Baby girl 3 - 24 weeks

Early last week, I had my 24 week ultrasound for this baby girl. Bernard wasn't able to come with me to this appointment, instead I brought along the camera man and producer from TVB Pearl! The appointment went really well - baby is growing well (she still obviously has DD, but considering that, she's growing well). Limbs are now around 5 weeks behind - Maddy's at the same stage were 6 weeks behind so maybe this one will be a bit taller? I'm sure it's too early to predict that. Good news is that the cystic hygroma seems to be shrinking a bit. The doctor is unconcerned and honestly, I am too.

It's amazing how relaxed I feel about her having dwarfism. Having a glimpse into the future takes away most of the worries. The one thing that I do get myself worked up about is the whole NICU thing - we had such a bad experience with Maddy and I hope we won't have a repeat of that... 

I still haven't registered at the hospital that I need to deliver at - I know that doing so will add stress to me as well (the hospital is a stressful place for one, also the appointments take forever and the location is inconvenient as well, along with the archaic attitudes of many of the staff there). My private doctor is so supportive, I feel as though I'm still in great hands - and whatever makes this pregnancy less stressful is a good thing. The hospital cannot turn me away so there's no "need" to register at all - although it's better if they have your medical records before you deliver, particularly in situations like this (besides, if you haven't registered, you can only be admitted through the emergency department!). 

The best thing about this past appointment is that we got to see a 3D picture of our little girl's face and hand - you can see she has very similar hands to Maddy, with the hitch-hiker's thumb as well. 



  1. So beautiful! I can't imagine having to deal with the NICU. Maybe you could start a dialogue with the pediatrician and lay out all your concerns ( and maybe you already have?). I have found that it is a Nurse's job to follow procedure and keep you there! A doctor can bypass procedure if its not necessary. Talk as much as possible to the doctors and if they give you permission to leave sooner, or say something isn't necessary, have him/ her explicitly relay that to the nurses.
    My sister was given a green light from the pediatrician to go home only to be told by the nurses once he left that they were never told that. Her baby had to stay! :-(
    I love getting out of the hospital ASAP, and so my heart goes out to you. I hope all goes well, and baby's stay is short and sweet!

  2. I just found you via Miggy's blog and I am so excited to follow along for baby #3.