Friday, August 23, 2013


A month and a half ago, I was contacted via this post by a producer from the Hong Kong TV station, TVB Pearl. He was filming an episode for The Pearl Report, a current affairs/documentary kind of show, about skeletal dysplasias in Hong Kong and asked whether we'd be interested in being a part of it. At the time we were still in the US but I figured when we got back, why not? Personally I feel as though the biggest reason for discrimination is ignorance - and if I could share anything that might help dispel a bit of ignorance, it can't be a bad thing. 

Over the past few weeks, we spent a bit of time filming different things - we filmed a bit at the beach one day, then another day the crew came to our house, they joined us for speech therapy one day, and they joined us at a prenatal appointment another day. We were meant to also go to see Maddy's orthopedic doctor and go to occupational therapy, but unfortunately both of those appointments were cancelled due to a typhoon! 

Overall, it was interesting filming with them. I hope that this show does bring a bit of awareness to living with dwarfism and other skeletal dysplasias within Hong Kong. My main concern is that it may present an overly negative, sensationalised perspective. Many of the questions that the producer asked me were negatively phrased... things like "What are the biggest challenges..." and "what are your worries for the future" and "what has been the hardest times in Maddy's life". I wanted to make it clear that while dwarfism does raise unique challenges, Maddy is no more of a "burden" than any other child. Maddy is a joy, and a blessing - just as she is. There are difficulties with any child - and many of the things that have been hardest with Maddy have nothing to do with her dwarfism. In fact, our biggest issues lately have been sibling rivalry. So very "normal"! Also, many parents of "healthy" children have far more difficulties than the small, physical things that we deal with.

I'm looking forward to seeing the final product - it will air around mid-September or so. When I know the exact date, I will post it here in advance - in addition, the episodes are available to view online for a period of time (I'm not sure if there are regional restrictions though). I hope there will be many viewers and that this show can raise positive awareness about dwarfism :)

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