Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Airing Date

I got this email from the producer of the documentary that we are involved in: 

Hello everyone,

Our story about rare genetic diseases will be aired on Monday, Sept. 30, 2013 at 8pm on The Pearl Report, Pearl channel. It will be replayed on Tuesday at 1am and Saturday around noon. It will also be uploaded onto TVB.com for a few weeks.
Thank you all for your cooperation.


For those of you who are in Hong Kong, please tune in! This show will also feature Nathan, who is Maddy's friend (actually I met his family shortly after he was born - they were googling for information about dwarfism in Hong Kong and came across this blog - you can read their original comment here: http://madeline-hope.blogspot.hk/2011/06/new-friends-part-1.html). 

For those of you who are not in Hong Kong, the show should be available through this link: http://programme.tvb.com/news/pearlreport/ - although it will only be available online for a few weeks so you need to get in early.

I will post again before the show airs, and will probably post my thoughts about the show afterwards. I have already emailed this to the producer:

Also a side note - having dwarfism can be for many a positive thing. In fact I know of couples where both the husband and wife have dwarfism and they would LOVE to have a child with dwarfism, would even prefer that to having a child without dwarfism. I know that many of these questions are focusing on the challenges etc, but please do not convey that dwarfism is all negative. Awareness of challenges can be a good thing, pity is not. Does Maddy sometimes need a bit of an extra helping hand? Yes. But she never needs pity. Pity is disabling - and while Maddy has challenges, such an attitude can limit her potential. Given a positive outlook and high expectations, people with dwarfism can be anything and do anything that anyone else can do - and probably with greater appreciation because they had to work harder for it. I hope that your show conveys that as well. 
 He has assured me that although the show does focus on the challenges faced by those with dwarfism, it will "end on a positive note".

We will see :)

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  1. Sure..I will not miss to watch this video even though I was in Malaysia ..