Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Random bits and pieces

So I haven't been so consistent in updating lately. Lots of things going on, I haven't been updating so frequently.

Maddy is doing awesome and is standing for longer and longer. She will clap for herself and even do a little dance which usually ends up with her falling back on her bottom. Sometimes, however, she topples forward which always has a tragic end - her little arms are too short to catch her fall and instead her forehead catches it! She's had a few bruises smack in the middle of her forehead lately! 

A few posts ago, I talked about Maddy's ears and feet. I have updates in both of these areas that I wanted to share. With regard to her feet, I had a long appointment with the prosthetic and orthotic dude (are those guys "doctors", or just "glorified shoemakers" or what???) in which we talked about Maddy's current AFOs and the Dennis Brown walking shoes that were recommended. We tried the new Dennis Brown shoes but the rigid leather put so much pressure on the side of Maddy's leg in order to correct the turning of the ankle that it would definitely have left bruises or blisters. Her current AFOs are the best that they can do for her at the moment. I guess that means I'll save on shoe costs at least, as she can't wear shoes with them at all. Not very "cute" but oh well, mobility is more important than cuteness right? 

With regard to Maddy's ears, the private ENT forwarded his recommendation to the cleft team that the grommit insertion is "best performed soon and preferably under the same setting as cleft repair". Today I had a call from the team bringing our appointment forward two weeks to this Friday. I am hoping that it's a sign that they will want to perform the surgery soon. We will be out of Hong Kong from Dec 16 - January 4 (going home for Christmas - woohoo! First time in three years!), so realistically, I know we probably won't be able to fit it in before we go. I really want this surgery to be over with - but not bad enough to risk our vacation.

I got an email this week from Maddy's NICU neighbour - he is back in Hong Kong (he is actually American but was born here early while his parents were visiting family) and they are having a playdate next week. I can't wait to see him, last time I saw him, he was so tiny and frail - I'm sure he's way outgrown Maddy by now. I can't believe we're counting down, in two weeks today it will be one year since we brought Maddy home...

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