Wednesday, November 23, 2011

First steps

The last couple of days, Maddy has started taking her first, tentative steps. The most she has taken with no hands is about 5-6, and it often ends up as a dramatic face plant which I attempt to catch (although I don't always succeed, poor girl ;) ). I have been attempting to catch a video of it, but Maddy has a video sensor and does not want to perform.

Here are a couple of short clips that I have managed to catch:

1. Maddy walking towards the camera at close range - you can't even see her legs, but I swear, she was walking a few steps, no hands! ;)

2. Us attempting to coax Maddy to perform for the camera. I don't think she takes any steps, but there is quite a spectacular face plant catch at the end - one of my finest, if I may say so myself ;)


  1. great catch mamma!! you're girls are adorable!!


  2. Holy! What a catch! I loved it! Beautiful girls! Xoxo

  3. i love love love these videos! she is so stinkin cute! and smart!! ha.