Monday, December 6, 2010

Home Sweet Home :)

Right now, I'm sitting here after a long, wonderful day listening to my youngest daughter sleeping away next to me. I'm looking forward to having her disturb my sleep (hopefully not TOO much) tonight. And I'm thankful that she is home and that we can begin our lives together as a family of four :) 

Lana has been so great with her this afternoon since we got home. She has been talking to her non stop. "Baby Maddy, would you like to play with the bunny rabbit?" "I like your elephant and giraffe, Baby Maddy" "Baby Maddy, go and sit with Daddy now. I want to sit with Mummy". Lana was so gentle and loving towards her. I hope it continues that way!

It's been pretty intense so far having her home. Maddy is completely orally fed now, but it takes a LONG time and a LOT of effort. It makes me appreciate how easy it is when breastfeeding works like it should!! Instead, I need to pump first, then sterilise, then make up bottles (she is now doing best with the Haberman feeder), then it takes an hour for her to take about 100mL, seven times a day. One hour to feed, then two hours break before we need to feed her again. She gets so tired from sucking and swallowing, she's used to being fed the easy way! But I know she's getting better every day and it won't be THIS hard for that long.

Technically Maddy is only on "home leave" at the moment, we need to take her back to the hospital on Wednesday morning but if all goes well until then, she will be formally discharged on Wednesday. 

I'm sure it will take us a few days at least to begin to get into some kind of routine with her. Tonight was a bit of a disaster really (well we DID get home at "horror hour" and I needed to wash and sterilise bottles and the pump parts, then I had to pump and bottle feed Maddy, and feed Lana and ourselves all within two hours. We had the two girls screaming in harmony!) but we can play around a bit with Maddy's feeding times to find something that works better with Lana's routine as well. 

So now, I'm looking forward to NOT going to the hospital tomorrow!!! Hurray!!!

Welcome home, Maddy :) :)


  1. I almost cried when Lana put her dummy (which you'd normally need to pry out of her tiger grip) next to Maddy and said: "You can have my dummy, baby Maddy." =) *sniff sniff* She's gonna be a great sister.

  2. And you almost made me cry too! Lana - you'll be a great big sister. And I know big sisters... ;-)

  3. Bernard would make a better blogger than me, he always remembers the good stuff!! And he can phrase it in the best way too. Unlike me - I'm much more like "here are the facts. There ya go! Now you know ;)"

  4. Nicole,

    I have never posed on your blog or on your FB wall (not that I can remember anyways)and I have not been on AWF for quite awhile, but I have been following your blogs...against my will at times! :) The reason I say this is because I get so emotional when reading them, like I am there with you guys. When I read this one I just started crying like a baby. I am SO happy for you guys! I couldn't imagine going through what you have went through. You are such a WONDERFUL and beautiful mommy! Your girls are so blessed to have you in their lives. Thank you SO much for sharing your lives with us....whether you know it or not it has touched me and has changed my thinking and it has definitely made me appreciate my two little girls in such a special way. Keep up the good work, you guys have been in my prayers and will continue to be.

    Congratulations on getting Maddy home at last!

    :) Jaime Shuler

  5. This is awesome news! So glad she was able to come home. Been keeping up with Maddy through your blogs. God is so good. Praying that everything goes smooth for yall.

    Monica Fuqua

  6. Welcome home, Baby Maddy!!!

  7. Hurray!! Welcome home, Maddy!! Your fan club has been waiting a long time to hear this news! :-)

  8. I was in tears reading this post Nic
    I am so happy that you have you little Maddy home :)
    and i'm praying its permanent.

    Love Abby

  9. How beautiful Nicole. with tears still washing down my face, I am also thankful that Maddy is home with you and Bernard and especially with Lana. I couldn't wait to see Maddy, what a beautiful peaceful photo. So glad you were able to write a post to share. Will be praying for this time of settling in with Maddy home from hospital. Can only imagine the joy you must feel. Love you all so much, Mum Dad and Ash.

  10. Welcome Home Baby Maddy! Yay, I am so glad she is home. I am sure things will be fine and she will be formally released on Weds. :)

  11. So happy for you all that Maddy is home. Thinking of you xoxo Michelle, Mark, Brianna and Ben Rankin

  12. Hi Nicole,
    My name is selma and i too have a diastrophic baby, i came across ur blog not too long ago, and I have been following it kind of in silence ever since, but I just had to post this time... I am SO happy Maddy is finally home! She is just so beautiful, I love seeing her pictures, and it reminds me of my son (carlitos) when he was a baby (he's almost one: )) enjoy having her home, its gonna be so much fun! They r just so sweet to hold n have the perfect cuddling bodies: ) praying for you for good news on Wednesday!
    PS. Ill be searching you on FB; )

  13. Yay! I'm so glad she's finally home! :-)

  14. Glad she's coming home! Rani

  15. Hi Nicole and Bernard. I too have been following your updates from my wife and seen some of your postings. Words do not convey the tests of time you both have been through. We have been silent spectators but nevertheless, admire the courage, the undying love for Maddy.

    May the coming year be a more brighter year for all of you. Lana will definitely be a great sis for sure. For all the tests of will and fortitude, Maddy is sure going to keep you smiling . May you all be Blessed by the Love of God.

    - Prasad

  16. Hi Nicole, I am so happy for you that your little baby is finally home. :-) God Bless