Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nearly there...

We have two days before we fly back to Australia and this past week has been very busy getting ready to go. In addition to that, Bernard's been working longer hours than usual - getting home around 8pm most of the week, plus he had to work on Saturday as well. We shouldn't complain though because for Hong Kong, there are many many people who work much longer than that on a daily basis! 

I just wanted to write one more post before we left - I have a few more pictures I wanted to add that I hadn't put up yet (they're a month old as well) - and I wanted to ask for you all to keep us in your thoughts and prayers for a safe trip back! It's unlikely that Maddy will do poorly in the plane (if it was likely, we wouldn't be flying) - but we don't really know 100% how she will be until we're in the air. In case of emergency, we do have the oxygen available for her, but of course we'd prefer not to use it! So please remember to pray for us on Tuesday that all goes smoothly, and that the two girls will be angels for us and we don't have any unexpected emergencies :)

Firstly - some pictures from Playtown (be warned, that place has one of the most annoying websites with loud, bouncy music ;) ) - it is a great indoor playroom here in Hong Kong. Maddy LOVED this bead table, and with the little chairs, it was the perfect size for her :)

Secondly - last week we went to the park and Maddy loved watching her sister play from her stroller :)


  1. Keeping you in my prayers for a safe trip! I love the pictures so adorable.

  2. Good trip!

    Maddy is so cute in the pictures!

    Kisses from Brazilian friends,
    Guilherme, Andréia and Cassiano