Friday, April 22, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I would LOVE to do a long update with lots of pictures and stories about how absolutely wonderful it is to be back in Australia, but that will have to wait for another day when I have more time. I have been spending all my time with my family and haven't been on the computer much since we got here. 

Our trip back went quite well. As we were getting onto the plane, we had one very upset girl - "I don't want to go on the plane! I want to go home!" - we had to drag Lana onto the plane, kicking and screaming. As we were landing, we had one sick girl (me) who had to use those little paper bags that airplanes are famous for. And besides that, we had absolutely no other incidences. Maddy was a perfect angel on the flight and we didn't need the oxygen :) We weren't expecting her to need it and she coped with the flight better than all of us. It continues to amaze me how healthy she is - all three of us; Bernard, Lana and myself have been knocked around a bit by this cold, but it hasn't even touched Maddy. She has literally been the healthiest person in our family ever since she came home from the hospital (and even most of the time she was IN the hospital, she was healthier than us as well!!)

I'm so thankful to be back here in Australia and we have been having lots of fun doing things that we would never do in Hong Kong - we've been to the beach (although it's too cold for swimming), sat on the grass (I will HAVE to post Maddy's reaction to that, it was hilarious!), seen a few horses and cows, and tonight we caught a fabulous sunset off my parents' balcony :) 

I will try to update more during our trip and hopefully put up a few of our FANTASTIC photos - but for now, I just wanted to update and say that we made it back safely and soundly :) And we are enjoying every minute of it!!


  1. No place is like home... Enjoy your holiday with your family in your country.
    Happy Easter!


  2. Have a great time with your family! Glad to hear that Maddy handled the flight well. God bless :)

  3. So glad your enjoying your time back home. Can't wait to see all the pictures,Enjoy!

  4. so happy to hear the flight went well! enjoy your time back home (and breathe in lots of fresh air!!)