Tuesday, December 21, 2010


It's hard to believe that it's been two weeks already since Maddy came home! That time has flown by so quickly! When she first came home, it took a little while to adjust but now we're back into the swing of things :) When Maddy first came home, her oral feedings were not doing so well but now she's feeding like a champion! She drinks her milk so quickly and hungrily and often will cry when she is done. She's drinking more than the doctors recommended that I should feed her - but I think it's a good amount for her. I'm so glad that it's not a struggle any more!

It took me at least a week to figure out Maddy's routine but I think I've got it down pat now. She actually has a very reliable and predictable routine (once I figured it out anyway!). She'll eat, and then play for about an hour or so, then sleep for about an hour or so, and then wake up and want a bit more to eat again. It's a three hour cycle that starts at about 7-8am and goes until her last feed at 10-11pm, then she will sleep like an angel until 7-8am. 

Now that we are in our routine and Maddy is feeding well, things are going VERY smoothly! I always expected that the hard work would start when Maddy came home from hospital, but the opposite is true. It's been so easy! I actually am in awe of how easy things are at the moment (although the first week was VERY hard work!)

It's true that we haven't yet started our doctors appointments - we have six different specialties that we will be seeing in the next two months (occupational therapy, physiotherapy, ENT, cleft palate surgery team, neonatologist, and orthopedic doctor). I know that the appointments will complicate things a bit, but it can't be harder than going to the hospital for a few hours every single day. We have our first appointment (occupational therapy) tomorrow.

I've been loving having Maddy at home and have been showering her with hugs and kisses, blowing raspberries on her delicious baby cheeks and making her giggle non-stop. I think she might currently be one of the most-kissed babies in the world!!

Here's a few pictures of our lives the past week or so :) (I know I probably should break it up so that I have at least one picture with every post, but I can't help sharing them all!!)

Resting on Mummy and Daddy (and 50% of the time Lana)'s bed

Grimacing about "tummy time". Her center of gravity is much higher than an "average height baby" and her arms are so short that it's hard for Maddy to keep her head up. Often her little legs will pop up into the air instead and her face will be smooshed against the floor ;)

There, that way is MUCH better!!

Maddy loves this bunny blanket. She's exploring a lot of things with her hands lately and likes to hold/stroke things with interesting textures like her blankets and towels. This one is a favourite!

Maddy's first introduction to Playstation. She seemed fascinated ;)

There were three in the bed and the little one said...


  1. Oh, Nicole... what absolutely precious pictures! And what a precious baby Maddy is! So many times I almost get teary just reading your blog and seeing the photos. Today I am loving this post. Loving the peace and happiness I'm hearing in your words and between the lines. Loving the smiles on Bernard's and Lana's and Maddy's faces.

  2. What gorgeous photos and such a cheery little girl. It's lovely to see her growing up in such a nice home with such a loving family. Keep up the good work and keep posting pics!

  3. The 3 in the bed picture is just too adorable!


  4. Am very happy to know things are now easier for all of you since Maddy came home. Nothing can be even happier than all of your family members finally get together.

    Love the pic Maddy's playing play station! She's so adorable~~ and the 3 of them lying on the bed are making a sweet and warm scenery... :)

    Lots of Love & Blessings!

  5. She's gorgeous Nic! So glad to hear that she has settled in amazingly well xx

  6. so cute, I love the pictures! Doctors appointments can be a little overwhelming at first, but it can't outweigh the joy of having our little ones home! She looks so happy!

  7. dear nicole, love the pictures, maddy is a cute baby. :)
    kate (your canto teacher)