Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Maddy's New Chair

I mentioned in this post that we were going to rent a medical feeder chair for Maddy to use at home. Well I picked it up on Christmas eve and this is what happened when it got home:

Lovely new chair - I think I might claim it for myself!!

No, Maddy - this is MY chair. What are you doing sitting in it??

There, that's better!!

I love you, my sister xox
Lana is quite taken with the new chair and she sits in there even more than Maddy does! Maddy is happy though that she has somewhere to sit that is a bit more comfy for her - although I think that she wishes it could have dangling toys like her old bouncer! We've tried to be creative with that but it hasn't been very successful so far. Maddy is very interested in her toys these days and is batting at them like crazy, trying to hold them but still figuring out how to work her stiff little fingers. Every now and then she succeeds though :) And I know she's just going to get better and better. Now if we could just figure out how to incorporate that environment with her new chair, that'd be great!! Any suggestions?? (remembering that HK isn't big on hardware/DIY stores!)

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  1. I'm wondering if you could tape a small hula hoop around the chair and hang dangling toys for Maddy to play with.