Friday, April 23, 2010

We've moved!!

Sorry I haven't been posting as much lately - things have been pretty crazy around here lately, with visitors, packing, all three of us getting a bit of a cold - Lana is especially miserable - and on Wednesday we moved into our new place!

The actual move went remarkably well. The removalists work so efficiently - they had all our furniture taken apart, moved over to the new place (which admittedly wasn't very far from our old place), all our boxes over here too, then the furniture all put back together again in it's right place - all in just over two hours!! We're still in the process of unpacking but we're getting there. 

I'm really loving the new place. It's not THAT different to our old place - the layout is identical except we have an extra bedroom, bathroom and storeroom up the hallway, but being higher up makes it a lot lighter inside, and he actually have a view of the hills behind us, with a bit of green. From our bedroom, we can see Central Hong Kong in the distance (at least when it's not too foggy/smoggy!). I love the open kitchen, I can do stuff in the kitchen without feeling isolated from what's going on in the living area. We're waiting on a bit of furniture which will make it easier to store things (Lana's living out of boxes until then, she has no wardrobe) - but once that comes in another 2 weeks or so, we'll be able to get more settled in. We're also getting a "big girl bed" for Lana - I hope that she transitions well! She'll have a couple of months to get used to it before the baby comes along. 

My brother is still here, he was meant to fly out a week ago tomorrow. Earlier in the week he was trying to reschedule his flight and the earliest available date was on MAY 26!! 6 weeks after when he was meant to leave. Yesterday he called again and they said they had some availability on April 28 (I think) but they need to confirm. I hope that it does work out for him. It's been great having him here but I know that he needs to get back for work and all. I'm looking forward to getting back in the swing of things as well - our routine has been so disturbed lately, with everything going on. Getting back to "normal" will be nice. 

Pregnancy-wise, not much is going on. I'm heading into the 3rd trimester now - although I can never remember exactly how many weeks along I am. I think I'm 26 weeks now... The end is in sight at least!  Now that we've moved and we've hired our helper (although we're still waiting for her to arrive),  I feel a bit more prepared for the bub - a lot of the pressure I was feeling a month ago is lifted now. We just need to sit back and wait now!! :)


  1. When your settled, you should post pictures of your new place!

    I hope Ant's work is understanding about his situation!

  2. Happy to hear that things have been approving. Hope that you enjoy your new place.