Friday, April 9, 2010

Doctor's appointment - 24 weeks

We had another ultrasound today, and no real new news there. The baby is growing, getting bigger, but things are still pretty much the same as they were at our last ultrasound a few weeks ago. 

The doctor was really rushed today so our appointment was significantly shorter than last time (which was fine by me, I wasn't feeling up to laying on that hard public-hospital bed for an hour and a half while three different people of increasing seniority did the same scan over and over) - but we also didn't really get as much detailed information. We did get to see her face in 3D again and she still looks like Lana to me :) We didn't  get to keep the picture though so I can't post it here.

The head and body are still average size and everything looks fine there - no problems with any of the internal organs. No hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain) or anything like that. She's currently head up so hopefully she can find some incentive to turn in the next 16 weeks. Like I mentioned in a previous post, sometimes SD babies have a harder time getting into the right position for labour and are breech, needing to be delivered by C-section.

All the long bones (arms and legs) are currently measuring at 18 weeks, or 6 weeks behind. The kidneys are still slightly swollen but the doctor said it wasn't really an issue. The main bit of information that I was wanting was the chest to abdomen ratio - normal is 0.8-1, and lethal dysplasias can be around 0.5 - our bub currently has a ratio of 0.75 - so not TOO bad there, closer to "normal" than to "lethal", and 2% better than our last scan. I said to Bernard after the appointment, if it keeps increasing by 2% each time, maybe we can get up to 0.8 by the time that the bub is born ;) 

My next ultrasound will be in a month, unless I schedule an appointment with a private doctor before then. I may try to do that, or I may wait til 30 weeks. I don't know if there's much benefit in seeing another doctor who will tell me exactly the same thing. Although it would be nice to go to a doctor who will give me pictures of the bub at least ;)

The baby is getting stronger and kicking more, and harder, all the time. I feel her moving ALL day long now. She's just like her sister, very active bub! It's nice to be able to feel her moving - I don't worry so much about her when I feel her moving every single hour... Surely that's gotta be a good sign.


  1. Sounds like you got good news! Glad to hear it!

  2. Nicole,

    I am so glad to hear this update... I am praying that things work out! I feel like there is much hope to hold on too... Not sure to recommend you seeing a private doctor or not... especially just for some pics ;) Although, like you said that would be nice... will keep praying for you!


  3. great update on your lil one. have you already got the scan pics? if not then best to get them before she comes out. :)

  4. I do have pictures from earlier scans - I even posted some in an earlier post here:

    I think I will request for at least one more set of photos later on at a private doctor's visit. Just need to figure out when/who to see etc...

  5. It seems like the news has a positive upswing to it. I hope that this trend keeps going. Cheering for all of you.

  6. Great news again!
    Hope she keeps inching further towards that 0.8-1 level!

    Thinking of you always...hang in there little one!