Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The future of this blog

Three months! That's how long it's been since I've updated this blog. In the beginning, I started this blog as a way to record the pregnancy with all it's ups and downs. I've wished that recording our experiences and making them public would help other people - and it has. I've had multiple people contact me through this blog saying things like "My pregnancy was similar to yours, and reading your story has given me hope". At least one person was given a prenatal lethal diagnosis by medical practitioners, but questioned that by comparing her measurements to mine at a similar stage in her pregnancy. The doctors were wrong and that beautiful little girl now also has the middle name of "Hope". 

A lot has happened during the past few months and I've given a lot of thought about the direction that this blog will take. In the beginning, I spent so much time on here, writing updates and recording everything. As Maddy grew and there was less "medical news", the updates became less and less frequent. Simply put, I've had less to say. 

I have thought of closing the blog down - but I couldn't do that, not after knowing it has helped people who were in similar situations to where we were right on three years ago. (It was 3 years and 10 days since I first heard the words "skeletal dysplasia", and 3 years and 3 days since I first wrote this first post.) So I've decided this blog will stay online for now.

I don't want it to die completely either though - although I can't afford the time that I used to spend on it. I have realised that I am not a "blogger". I'm not a great writer. I ramble on too much. I don't "change my theme" or use the right "buttons" and link up with "throw-back thursday" or "wordless wednesday". I thought of doing it but it's just not what this blog is about.

So I will continue to update about Maddy's current condition, I may post videos and photos from time to time as well. Hopefully more frequently than every 3 months - although I'm not going to be watching the calendar either. But I do welcome a friendly nudge if it's getting too long since the last update ;)


  1. Please do keep this blog alive. As a parent of an ordinary child, it is an inspiration to me to see how a special child like Maddy can thrive and how you manage.

    I admire your positive attitude, your patience and your faith. I have a lot to learn from you.

    Thank you for sharing your story.


  2. Welcome back! So glad you decided not to stop the blog. Xoxo

  3. Please, even if not frequently, keep posting!

  4. I'm very impressed with what you have written .. Manddy's story reminds me of my daughter Jannah .. the problem is similar to Mandy and her age almost same age with Manddy (she was born on July 27, 2010) .. but God loves .. she left us on June 7, 2011 ... at that time I really need advice, support and opinion of others who have the same problem .. but it's all been destined for me. A lots of very beautiful memories with Jannah and will be in my heart forever .. I am very happy to see Maddy pictures and video .. hope U always update Manddy progress and I will be excited to read it .. Manddy is a special gift from God for both of you.