Wednesday, November 14, 2012


For many people with dwarfism, their most valuable "tool" is the humble step stool. We have a few around the place, mainly for Lana to reach the bathroom sink to wash her hands. This one ended up being used for a footstool at our keyboard and as such, lives in the lounge room. The kids have been using them as seats, but tonight, Maddy figured out that with the stool, she can manage to climb onto our sofa. Not a small achievement, given that the sofa is around the same height as Maddy's nose! 

I think I need to get more of these stools, and also figure out how to make the bottom slip-proof. We need to be very careful to hold the stool while Maddy is climbing, otherwise it goes flying from underneath her. I welcome any suggestions!

(and how's that? No posts for six weeks and now you guys get two in a day ;) )


  1. Maybe you can try getting those grip mats that you can buy from the market? Somehow wrap them around the foot and stick them on with super glue? Not sure if it'll be strong enough grip...?

  2. Have you thought of steps designed for pet dogs--either short-limbed or arthritic--to climb onto couches? (I hope you don't think I'm likening your adorable and intelligent daughter to a household pet--I'm simply "repurposing" something that was designed for one use but might be perfect for another.) Check out the Heavy Duty Two-Step at --sturdy with a nice soft carpet.

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