Thursday, May 10, 2012

Surgery Success

Today, Maddy had her first surgery. Overall, it was a success. She went in at 8:30am, the first surgery of the day, and they wrapped it up after five hours around 1:30pm.

Before surgery - all dressed in a gown made for someone twice Maddy's size!

One last ever suck of the dummy - she took it into the operating theatre with her and fell asleep with it still in her mouth ;)
To begin with, her airway was examined for the first time. It is something that "should" have happened when she was born but due to fears about cervical spine issues, the doctors did not want to take the risk then. Her airway is small, but otherwise healthy. Her trachea is about the same size as a newborn, and the walls are still slightly "floppy" - although nothing to worry about. 

For the rest of the surgery, Maddy needed to be intubated (ie, a breathing tube needed to be placed in her trachea to make sure she could breath throughout surgery). This was perhaps the most risky part of surgery, intubation can be tricky for many people with dwarfism due to small airways and differences in neck structure - but today, it went without a problem. 

The hearing tubes were also placed with no problem and the hearing test was run. At first glance, the hearing test showed no obvious problems, however we are still waiting for the detailed report. Her hearing would have been impaired by all the gunk built up inside, so hopefully just placing the tubes will address those issues. I will be thankful if she doesn't need hearing aids, but even if she does, I will just be happy for her hearing issues to be addressed. 

The cleft, too, was repaired with no issues. Overall, a "boring" surgery report - but "boring" is good!! 

When Maddy woke up, she was very dopey and still very tired and disoriented from the anesthesia. She was also pretty irritated at the amount of blood in her mouth, at the IV in her foot, and at the stitch holding her tongue forward (to make sure that the swelling does not block the airway). She is now in PICU and has spent most of the afternoon sleeping, but is doing well. Her oxygen levels are good, but she does have a low-grade fever (which is normal after surgery) and as her airway is a little swollen, she has a bit of stridor as well. She was asking for food and water, but the surgeon will not allow her either until tomorrow.

After surgery in PICU
Maddy will be in PICU probably for at least a day, maybe two. I'm hoping and praying it's only one though. I reached an "agreement" with the nurses there (who decide when to bend the visiting rules). I will abide by visiting hours IF Maddy is content and does not need me. If Maddy is distressed or upset and needs me, they will call me and I will come regardless of the time or the policies. I will also be calling them in the morning to see how she does overnight. Frankly, I need a good night's sleep and I have barely seen Lana in two days. As much as I don't like being separated from Maddy, I think maybe it will be good for me to look after myself and my other little girl tonight and tomorrow morning. Hopefully Maddy will still be sleepy and a bit dopey and might not even notice...


  1. Hi Nicole

    My daughter and Lana did a few weeks of swimming lessons together and I have been following your blog. I have been thinking of you and Maddy today and I am glad surgery went well and hope you get some rest tonight.
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery for Maddy.

  2. I have been thinking of Maddy! Glad all went well.

  3. Thank god she did great! She looked so adorable in her gown! She is a trooper!

  4. So pleased all went well & is now behind you. May recovery go well & she adapts to abrupt withdrawal of dummy. Poor wee girl that bit gonna be hard