Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Almost there... (plus Phuket pics!!)

This time tomorrow, we will be in the hospital. Probably not doing a whole lot - but we will be there, waiting, doing any last minute tests before surgery. Maddy doesn't have surgery until Thursday so I am not sure whether we will need to stay overnight tomorrow or not. I think that depends on what time her surgery is. If it's in the morning, they usually like the kids to stay overnight so that they are ready to go bright and early. 

I think since the last post I wrote, we must have had lots of people praying for us because I'm feeling a lot better. As much as PICU scares me, I realise that it will just be temporary and there's not that much I can do to change things. I have written a list of issues I want to talk with the doctor/hospital about, why I don't think it's healthy for Maddy to be separated from us and I plan on discussing the issues with the relevant people - but I also know that ultimately I can't change the system and may have to just deal with it. 

Maddy has been pretty healthy, although she has had a runny nose which spread to the rest of us. As always, Maddy has the most mild case and Bernard has been sickest out of us all. She is virtually 100% recovered and I'm hoping that surgery will proceed as planned. 

I'm been getting a bit of uni work done the last few days after a hugely non-profitable week last week. Still have heaps to do but I know at the hospital, there'll be lots of dead time where I'm stuck hanging out while Maddy's napping. Hopefully I'll be able to work then. 

Just before I sign off, here's a bunch of Maddy-pics from Phuket.


Enjoying the pool

Looking pretty

This is all the kids who we went with. Maddy is older than the two boys closest to her.


Feeding an elephant
Jumping into the water - Maddy LOVED doing this by the end of her trip, and now wants to jump of the sofa the same way!!

Where's Maddy?


  1. Love the photos!

    Praying for Maddy (and you!) as you go to the hospital tomorrow.


  2. I love the pool pictures, and her playing peekabo, so cute!

  3. Praying for all of you.. God bless!

  4. Are you kidding me with these pics!? Those are the cutest pictures! Maddy jumping into the pool is absolutely precious!! Go Maddy! Good luck with everything! I will keep you all in my prayers! Xoxo