Monday, April 16, 2012

Video overload!!

After the past few posts of depressing doctor stuff, I figured it was time for a fun video post!! So here are some of Maddy's video highlights from the past month or so :) I think she has a bruise on her forehead in all of them - she's been doing a lot of falling lately and is still mastering the art of not landing on her forehead ;)

1. Going for a little walk. Maddy LOVES getting out of the house these days, she will push all her little strollers to the front door and bang on the door until someone takes her out. She loves going to the park but is just as happy strolling around our neighbourhood. In this video, we were just picking Lana up from her school bus.

2. Climbing the playground steps, part 2!! I posted a similar video a couple of weeks ago - same steps, but a new method of climbing them! Also this video has the very sophisticated way that Maddy descends the steps. We're working on that at physio at the moment ;)

3. At occupational therapy, they have a new slide, which Maddy LOVED - she couldn't get up by herself, but she had a great time going down over and over. Lana is practicing her wall-climbing skills in the background ;)

4. Maddy loves music and does this funny dance every time she hears it :) Super cute!!


  1. So cute!! Thanks for sharing the smiles. :-)

  2. She's the sweetest little mommy ever :)

  3. I can't stand all the Maddy cuteness! She is Amazing!!!!!! and an inspiration!!!!!! look how young she is and look at all she has accomplished so far!!!!!!! She is beautiful!!!!! The dancing video made my week!!!!!!! xoxo

  4. She's adorable! Wished I could give her a hug :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Yea maddy! You are working those steps like a champ! You're buddy Ian loved watching your videos!