Friday, March 23, 2012


One of Maddy's favourite things to do is to climb. She sees steps, she wants to get up them! She also climbs all over any toys or boxes that are at home. She loves to get up on them, stand on the highest point that she can reach and clap her hands at her own cleverness. 

Lately, the weather here in Hong Kong has been beautiful and we have started to take Maddy down to the park. There are these steps down there and Maddy will spend ages going up and down - which is really good physio for her! (and much cheaper and easier too!!)

I thought I'd share this short video. Please excuse the last 5 seconds - Maddy started inching further and further back and I thought she was going to fall off a rather large drop on the side. She managed to sit up with JUST enough space and not fall down - but better safe than sorry ;)


  1. Oh I love her determination in figuring out how to get up those steps! Wonderful!

    Thank you so much for your comment recently and your wise words. I'm glad you commented because I lost your blog and am happy to see it again :)