Monday, October 24, 2011

Meet Jadon and Kalina

When I was pregnant with Maddy, and particularly in her first few months, I talked to so many other parents of kids with DD. When Maddy was born and had some trouble with her airways, someone introduced me to Ember. She has two gorgeous kids, Jadon and Kalina, who both have DD the same as Maddy, and they both had airway issues at birth as well (although actually Jadon and Kalina's were more severe than Maddy, requiring them to have a tracheotomy (breathing tube) placed). 

Ember has just started a blog about her kids - Jadon is currently in the hospital preparing to have spinal surgery. I've loved reading about their adventures and seeing more of her gorgeous kiddos. 

You should go check them out and offer some support too!!

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