Friday, October 28, 2011

A few videos

I haven't shared any videos for a while, so here are four for your enjoyment :) (if you're a facebook friend, you may have seen one or two of them before)

1. We went to Phuket, Thailand four weeks ago. At the airport, Maddy had a great time rearranging the furniture in the kids play area.

2. The airport play area also had this xylophone thing that Maddy loved :)

3. I'm trying to get Maddy ready for self feeding - she can feed herself by hand pretty well, but using a bowl and spoon is pretty tricky for her at the moment. After I feed her, I usually give her the spoon and bowl to play with so that she can get used to it a bit more :)

4. Maddy is getting better and better at standing unaided!! She can now stand for probably around a minute. The AFOs really help her to stand much longer - without them, she can only stand for a couple of seconds. I'm so proud of her!!


  1. She's adorable, Nic. Love the videos! :-)

  2. I can't stand it...she is SOOOO adorable!!!

  3. Thank you for the abundance of cuteness. Love it!! :D

  4. Nic, she is absolutely adorable!!!! I just want hug her!!! lol

  5. Standing is a big achievement :)
    She's very bright, as well as cute.
    Thanks for sharing