Tuesday, June 8, 2010

32 week ultrasound

Today I had another ultrasound. I'm currently 32 weeks 6 days (practically 33 weeks). There's no real new news or anything like that - it's much the same as previous ultrasounds. The head/body/internal organs all appear normal, average size etc. The limbs are now all 10 weeks behind - measuring at 22-23 weeks. I'm thankful that I'm this far along and I haven't developed any other complications. My umbilical fluid levels are normal and I'm healthy as a horse - I feel much more fit than I did when I was pregnant with Lana. I have a bit more back pain but I think that's because I've been carrying Lana around a lot this time. When I was pregnant with Lana I had the worst foot/leg cramps - but I haven't really had very many of them this time around thankfully!! Thanks to the pilates I've been doing with my physiotherapist since Lana was about 6 months old, my posture is much better and I feel stronger. Things are coming along and the end is in sight.

The doctor today suggested having an appointment with the pediatrician so that he will be able to "see" the baby before she is born and that way, he is a bit more prepared and I am also a bit more prepared. The doctor said that the baby will most likely need to go to NICU - even if it's just for observation for a while. I kind of expected that. I know this hospital tends to be very cautious, one thing that frustrated me about them when Lana was born (she was put into Special Care for observation when she was first born since she was born 40 hours after my waters broke and I wasn't emotionally prepared to be separated from my newborn. In the end, she was only there for maybe 12 hours and she was perfectly fine anyway). I do think it will be beneficial though to talk with the pediatrician though and to have a bit more of an understanding as to what to expect after she's born. I don't know yet when that appointment will be - they will call to schedule it.

In the mean time, I'm down to biweekly prenatal visits at the moment (so annoying - they take so long in the public system and like I said, I'm healthy as a horse so there's not much that they say anyway), and my next ultrasound is scheduled for the beginning of July. I think I'll be 36-37 weeks then... I can't wait for this little one to get here! It's been such a long pregnancy...


  1. I like to hear you complain about the little (less important) things. It just means that everything is going very well ;) Keep them coming!


  2. I'm so glad that your pregnancy is treating you well! And you are so close! You will be meeting this little girl in just 2 months, give or take!

  3. Hope the Weeks come quick for you Nik, And i will be thinking of you and Bernie!!

    Love Rah.

  4. hang in there! These last few weeks can seem to take forever, especially when you know you're expecting a situation you've never experienced before. I'm glad you're getting to meet with the pediatrician, wish I'd had that option! We'll be thinking of you!