Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Three weeks

It has been a wonderful week at home since my last post. Briella is a sweet little newborn who mostly sleeps very well - although she can be a lazy eater. She's very easy going, and we've been out and about quite a bit. She snuggles into the Boba Wrap carrier (which I LOVE!) and sleeps almost the entire time we are out of the house. Now that she is three weeks old, she is more alert and enjoys observing whatever is going on around her.

Last Friday, December 13, we went back up to the hospital and Briella was formally discharged. We were given not one or two follow up appointments, but TEN of them. Such is life with a newborn with special needs! Because of the holidays, they don't start until after the new year - but January is going to be a very busy month for us!

On Friday, we saw our orthopedic doctor as well. The most immediate concern is Briella's feet. We plan to do some taping to see if that will help, and in the new year we will probably start casting. Both of these involve manipulating the feet into a more "neutral" position, and then using tape or casts to hold the feet in that position. This will be repeated weekly or so, and hopefully over the long term, the position of the feet will improve. 

When Maddy was discharged from NICU, it was also early December. This is the peak season for colds and flus, and as such, the doctors recommended that she have the vaccine for RSV. RSV is the main cause of pneumonia and bronchiolitis in young children, and children who are at risk (such as those who like Maddy and Briella have airway malformations and restricted lung capacities) are advised to have the vaccine. It's not a true vaccine which causes the body to create antibodies, but rather an infusion of the antibodies themselves. Every season, a child needs five shots and when Maddy was born, these shots would have been paid out of pocket - for a total cost of HKD$40,000!! (about $5,000USD/AUD). At the time, we couldn't justify the expense. Fortunately now, that cost is covered by the public health system here in Hong Kong (only for at-risk children) and so Briella will be able to get those injections for free and we can sleep a bit easier this flu-season! (particularly since this time last year, Maddy was hospitalised with bronchiolitis). 

Friday was a busy day - in addition to our time in the hospital, and also attending Lana's school Christmas concert, my parents and sister arrived in Hong Kong to spend the holidays with us! It has been wonderful seeing them again, and for them to meet little Briella. Every day I am amazed at how blessed we are that she is healthy and strong and HOME! 

Last week, we took Briella to have some professional photos done. I'll finish up this post with some of my favourites :)


  1. She looks great! I'm dying over the tutu! ;)

  2. Omg! Briella is beautiful!! I've been away from the blogging world and just catching up on some blogs.
    What a lucky woman to have 3 beautiful daughters! Wow. The girls must be thrilled! Congrats!

  3. Beautiful photos! Your girls are just gorgeous!

  4. What precious photos! Her face is like a mini-Maddy.

  5. Hope all is well with you . We would love to hear how your girls are doing.