Wednesday, November 13, 2013

ECV decision

After much thought and discussion, we've decided to go ahead with the ECV. It has been crazy since my last doctor's appointment and I've been going back and forth on the issue. I emailed the dwarfism experts and they took a few days to get back to me (understandable, since I emailed on a Friday evening!). In that time, I thought I'd decided not to do it - why take the risk to the baby? And we would never have a guarantee that it would be 100% safe. Yesterday, I was ready to call the hospital and ask them to cancel it and just book the cesarean - but last night, I heard back from the dwarfism specialists. 

I was kind of hoping for them to say "No don't do it" - it would have made my decision a whole lot easier if they had! I had been preparing myself for a cesarean and could even see the positives in it. But they said basically if it is done gently and in the right conditions, it should pose no risk of spinal injury to the baby (the main concern specific to DD babies). 

Even after hearing back from them, I was not sure what to do - I'd already made up my mind not to do it. Maybe I should just go with my gut? However today I went for a check up with my wonderful obgyn and discussed it with him. He basically told me that if I have a senior doctor, discuss the concerns with him and have only gentle manipulation of the baby, it should be fine. I know already that I will have a high-risk senior doctor so hopefully I'm in good hands.

So next Wednesday (Nov 20), I'll be spending a full day in the hospital to see whether or not the little one will turn. There is a small chance of complications which would mean that she will be born by emergency cesarean on the same day. Then it's not far off 50-50 whether she will turn or not. If she turns, then we wait and she could theoretically be born as late as December 17 (10 days after my due date). If she does not turn, we will schedule a cesarean for the week of November 25. Whatever happens, I think I'll be glad that we at least tried to help her to turn... 


I also want to say thanks for those of you who are praying for us and sending us supportive messages and thoughts. It is greatly appreciated. Some things to pray specifically for are:
  • For peace in the whole situation. I'm mostly doing ok but getting a bit anxious about the delivery, recovery and hospitalisation. 
  • For the best possible outcome for the ECV. If she's meant to turn, that she'll turn. If cesarean is safer for her, then that she won't turn. That there will be no complications - I'd really prefer NOT to have an emergency cesarean but if that's what is best, then so be it. 
  • For our little girl's breathing once she is born - for her to be able to breath strongly and independently without any extra support.
Thanks once again!!

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  1. Do ECV .. this is a good decision that you make. If successful you get a chance to give birth normally, otherwise cesarean. I think there is no problem with your decision because somehow your baby will be born safely. Furthermore doctors will constantly monitor the health of mother and baby and ready for any eventuality. Do not be too worried. You've done the best. I hope your ECV will be successful.
    The important now is when your baby born she will be able to breathe on his own without any support. That's what we expect. I always pray the best for you and your baby. I fully understand your situation.