Saturday, March 2, 2013

Maddy's Bike

Since we were in Australia last July (which I now realise I never even mentioned on here!), I have been on the look out for a small plastic bike that would be suitable for Maddy. These are common and cheap in Australia, and they are very low to the ground which is perfect for short legs.

On arriving back in Hong Kong, however, I found that these bikes are not available here at all. I've kept an eye out and have been to so many different stores, but none could be found.

A month or so ago, however, I saw someone posting one on a facebook group for free. Another mum had jumped on the offer, and I commented that we'd had a hard time finding that kind, could she let us know where she got it from etc... The mum who was originally going to take the bike kindly passed it on to us and it is perfect for Maddy.

Here's a short video of Maddy riding her new bike at the park:

And if anyone else in Hong Kong has another one of these that they'd like to sell or get rid of, please let me know as Maddy has a friend with dwarfism who would also love one!


  1. Seriously.... Maddy is awesome on that bike!!! What an angel!!!! I love how happy she is!!! If you ever find where I can get one please come on over to my blog and share the info. I would love to get one for my Lyla!

  2. So glad you keeping the blog goiNot meaning to be rude, but why are you in HK ? Wld the medical services for her not be better in Aust or ano western country. Or is Asian medicine better facilities?ng. I've followed from beginning & have been wondering how she doing. She is such a smiley happy wee girl. Am not asking this in a rude way but why you in HK? Wld the medical services not be better in Aust or western country. Or does the Asian medical system have the best facilities?

  3. oops for some reason the middle bit of last message fell out!! I was saying glad you keeping blog going cos I been following from beginning & have been wondering how she was going since the last update. She is such a smiley & happy little girl & love the pics & vids of her...then I went on to ask abt HK