Monday, September 24, 2012


Maddy's speech has been one of her main areas of delay. I've spoken about her issues here many times before, starting in this post nearly a year ago (that's half a life-time for a 2 year old!) and in greater detail in this aptly named post, "Worry" which was subsequently followed by "Communicating" less than a week later. Speech for Maddy has been a bit harder - mainly due to the cleft palate. Her "receptive language" (that is, the amount of language that she understands) is pretty average/age appropriate. Since her surgery, her vocabulary has been improving exponentially. Currently, her main issue is with articulation (ie, what she does say is very difficult to understand - even for people who are with her all day, every day). 

I know though that she will "catch up", but it will take more practice and speech therapy. We have a really nice therapist who we have been seeing weekly, and sometimes I have to remind myself that Maddy's cleft surgery was only 4 months away - so really, she's only been talking for 4 months. When that is considered, she's doing awesome!

I shot this little video in the bath a week or two ago and thought I'd share it to show you all what her speech is like these days:

Me: Can you sing "Twinkle Twinkle little star?"
Maddy: Twinkle twinkle... HOLD!
Me: No, you can't hold - you're in the bath.
Maddy: Hold please...
Me: No, you cannot
Me: Sing twinkle twinkle
Maddy: Baby!
Me: Twinkle twinkle... oh, Baby
Maddy: Bath!
Me: Ok, Baby do twinkle twinkle.
Maddy: (singing "Twinkle Twinkle") - Again!
Me: Again? What's baby going to do now? Maddy? What's baby doing? Oh - bye bye baby!
Maddy: Bye bye baby! Bye bye baby! Bye!


  1. She is adorable!
    English isn't my language (as for sure you can tell by reading my comments) and the listening part is the hardest for me, but I understand her, so I think she speaks very clearly, especially considering that she is only 4 months past cleft surgery!

  2. doing great maddy! your buddy ian is sitting on my lap watching your video, he says hi!

  3. thanks for sharing.

  4. your daughter really makes people smile :)