Sunday, January 15, 2012


Maddy never ceases to amaze me with the way that she gets around. She is still mainly scooting around on her bottom, or cruising around the furniture - but in addition to that, she has decided that she wants to climb. She loves steps and will give everything ago, even if the step is far too big for her. She even tries to climb out of the bath!!

When we were in Australia at my parents' house, they had a little step that was ideal for her, with a couple of boxes conveniently placed next to it so she could steady herself as she climbed up and down over and over again. I wish I'd taken a video of it - it was one of her favourite places to play.

Yesterday, we were at an indoor playroom nearby and there was a step that Maddy kept climbing over and over again. Here's a quick video so that you can see her in action :)


  1. That's soo cute! Her little scoot at the end makes me laugh! :)

  2. I just showed the video to my husband and he thinks Maddy is unbelievable! The scoot is soooooo precious. He wants Lyla to do that! LOL

  3. i love this!!! she is so patient and tough. she just sticks to it and keeps going. how great not only physically but that girl has so much in store for her! she is going to over come some great obstacles with that drive. what a blessing she is! happy new year!! can't wait to see how far she comes this next year.

  4. I love it... she is super cute! I love her determination... bit like her Mummy I reckon! xx