Thursday, June 30, 2011

Meet Ian

I love seeing other blogs, photos and videos of other little kids (and even adults, truth be told) with DD. Firstly, I might be biased, but I think that some of these kids are the most adorable I've ever seen!! Secondly, it helps me to understand a little about what the future may hold for Maddy (although as with any condition, no two people are exactly alike). And thirdly, without fail, these kids have the best spirits, and great stories too :)

One of the ladies in a DD support group that I'm part of shared this video that her son featured in. Ian is seven and has stayed at the Ronald McDonald house "hundreds" of times. He was a part of this fundraising video for them, and you just HAVE to see it :) 

(and yes, I know I have a LOT of updating to do around here!! Need to get onto that...)


  1. this made me smile. he is such an awesome little guy!! i can't wait to see Maddy some day- walking around with her adorable big personality!

  2. Hi Nicole, I have been looking at your fantastic blog and have just had a good cry learning about Maddy. I have a 14 week old baby girl who has been diagnosed with achondroplasia and have been looking on the internet for Australian mums who are in a similar situation as myself. Would love to keep in touch.
    Kind regards,

  3. Prudie - so glad you commented! If you like, feel free to email me - nicolejoy81(at)

    I also suggest that you join the POLP2 group (the link is in the "resources" tab at the top of my blog) - it has been SO valuable to me. There are a couple of Australians in the group as well, although not very many. I met a few families at one of the SSPA meetings in Canberra recently. I also suggest that you keep an eye on their page and maybe you can meet some families local to you through them :)

  4. What a great clip, thanks for sharing!!!