Friday, May 14, 2010

Geneticist appointment scheduled

I got a call today around 4pm asking me to come back to the public hospital on Monday morning for my appointment with the geneticist. I was expecting to have a bit more notice than that - but I'm looking forward to hopefully getting a bit more information. I'm not sure yet whether he will go over my ultrasound images that they've collected over my past 4 ultrasounds or whether we'll be doing more ultrasounds there and then. The prenatal diagnostic specialist mentioned it could be either way. 

I don't have my hopes set on actually getting a confirmed diagnosis at this stage - I know that really they will need to do more tests once the baby is born to know for sure since we turned down the amniocentesis (which may not have given us a diagnosis anyway). It will be nice though to get his thoughts and maybe to have his opinion on what his suspicions are. I want to be as prepared as possible for the birth of this little one. 

I'm still feeling great following our appointment last Monday - hopefully the geneticist will confirm that the baby's condition appears to be non-lethal. :) 

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  1. Will say a little prayer for you tonight that everything goes alright.